School Rules

The Basic '3' School Rules


Be Responsible * ˜Be Respectful ˜* Be Safe

Sandpiper Elementary School is a learning community where we work together to create a responsible, respectful, safe and caring environment.

˜Be Responsible

Students will:

  • be prepared to learn by coming to school on time with all of the appropriate materials.
  • respect and take care of school and private property.
  • manage their time at school in a way that facilitates learning.
  • follow established guidelines and routines.

˜Be Respectful

Students will:

  • respect everyone’s right to learn.
  • speak and act in a kind and courteous way to other children and adults.
  • peacefully resolve conflicts by talking and listening to the other person(s) using the Conflict Resolution Model to solve problems with the following steps:
  • Stop and Cool Off
  • Talk and listen to each other. Use an “I” message.
  • Talk about what could have been done differently.
  • Brainstorm Solutions
  • Make a Plan
  • follow the instructions of supervising adults.

˜Be Safe

Students will:

  • play in a safe way and use good judgment.
  • consider  the health or safety of oneself and others.
  • follow school rules on the playground, in the classroom, and in all parts of the school.
  • use equipment appropriately.

Consistent with BRSSD Policy, student dress and appearance at Sandpiper School shall be clean and appropriate for school and shall not interfere with teaching and learning.  Shirts, with no negative messages, that cover the waist and shoes must be worn at all times