Step into 2nd Grade


In second grade we encourage maturity, independence, and responsibility.

Students will...


• Read with fluency and accuracy.

• Learn more sophisticated strategies to comprehend and analyze literature (e.g. ask clarifying questions, comparing two pieces of literature, using text features).

• Write compositions using increasingly correct English conventions.

• Write compositions with increasing length while paying attention to the organization and structure of their writing.

• Craft narrative, opinion, and informational writing.

• Develop initial skills of revising and editing.

• Learn to give and follow multiple-step directions and recount events with descriptive details and organization.

• Extend their understanding of place value (within 1,000)

• Build fluency in addition and subtraction (within 100)

• Use simple concepts of multiplication and division.

• Measure the length of objects by using appropriate tools.

• Identify shapes and their attributes.

• Develop a beginning sense of history through the study of the family and people of the past.

• Learn about geography, communities, and beginning mapping skills

• Learn about U.S. governmental institutions, rules and laws, rights and responsibilities.

• Develop the concept of chronological thinking through timelines.

• Be introduced to economics and gain an appreciation of the many people who work to supply commonly used products.

• Develop a foundation of the study of force and motion.

• Learn that plants and animals have predictable life cycles and genetic traits.

• Learn about the composition, processes, and materials of Earth’s crust

• ...and much, much more!