Vision & Mission Satements


"Committed to our Community"

Vision Statement



Sandpiper School is committed to working with our community to provide a high quality educational program that allows students to meet their academic potential in an environment that inspires a love of learning.  Students will develop a strong work ethic, exhibit high self esteem, learn self management skills and accept responsibility for their actions.

Mission Statement


Sandpiper is a community of learners in which every person is well known and honored for their individuality.  Students conduct themselves with pride, exhibit the highest standard of behavior, and demonstrate personal initiative in their education.  Sandpiper works with the community in a spirit of unity and mutual respect to promote excellence in the learning environment.   Decisions center on the needs of children to provide a challenging integrated educational program that emphasizes creativity, innovation and flexibility.  Graduates possess the skills and knowledge to be successful in an interdependent world.  More importantly, we have inspired students to be life long learners.